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22 Mansfield Street – Studio 7 – Partick – G11 5QP

Yoga Healing is host to many knowledgeable and inspirational teachers, therapists and facilitators. 

In addition, our residential teachers bring longer sessions and workshops at different times of the year, to offer students old and new a greater depth in their yoga study and personal journey.

If you are interested in bringing your work and inspiration to Yoga Healing please contact Anthea 07809 699568 about us hosting your workshop.


Chakra Workshop with Anna Daintrey

Sunday 12th October

1.30pm – 6pm











This workshop will include:

An overview of the Chakra system – What are they? Where are they? What have they ever done for us?
Discussion of the characteristics of each of the seven major Chakras
With yoga postures, bandhas, breathing exercises and working with sound (Bija Mantras and Music Meditation)
to explore the physical, mental, energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects of each chakra in a down-to earth,
accessible and practical way, giving you different techniques to connect to and work with the chakras,
helping to take your yoga practice to deeper and subtler levels, and even assist your spiritual evolution!

Here’s a quote from one of the people who attended this workshop previously:

“I very much enjoyed Anna’s Get It Up Yer Chakras! workshop on 7/7/12. As someone with some experience of yoga and having been attuned to Reiki Second Degree, I have worked with chakras before, but until now had found them somewhat vague and my knowledge of them rather scattered. This workshop really brought them alive for me, both metaphorically, and dare I say, literally! Anna aligned different traditions and therories together, from Vedic thought and Chinese Traditional Medicine to endocrine system in a very accessible, enlightening and humorous way. Through a mixture of appropriate asanas, breathing exercises and sound meditations, the theroretical knowledge was bolstered and deepened through actual experience. I left feeling inspired to learn more and that my Reiki practise had been hugely enriched by the workshop. Highly recommended!” Nadine, Glasgow

£30 or £20 concession

To reserve your space please contact Anna directly


phone  07866 446284


Singing Bowl Meditation with Peter Halley

Friday 17th October

7.30pm -9pm

singing bowl 2






Peter Halley, the affectionately named Singing Bowl Man brings change-inducing effects through Tibetan Singing Bowls, crystal bowls and tincha bells.  The healing vibrations of these amazing Bowls breaks up congealed and stuck energetic blocks within the Auric field to enable new possbilities for living life on purpose.

Join Peter for this deeply nurturing and holistic evening, where all you require to do is, lie on the floor, wrap up warm and allow the sounds to wash over. Please bring a jumper and cosy socks to stay nice and warm throughout the meditation.

£20 admission

Please book directly with Peter, pre-booking required


phone  07790 217307