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22 Mansfield Street – Studio 7 – Partick – G11 5QP

Yoga Healing is host to many knowledgeable and inspirational teachers, therapists and facilitators. 

In addition, our residential teachers bring longer sessions and workshops at different times of the year, to offer students old and new a greater depth in their yoga study and personal journey.

If you are interested in bringing your work and inspiration to Yoga Healing please contact Anthea 07809 699568 about us hosting your workshop.

Sunday 1st February


Winter Seasonal Yoga Workshop

winter anna

Tune in to the Energy of Winter, connect to the Element of Water.
Overview of the Seasonal Yoga System & in-depth look at the Winter Season
Physical practice focusing on flowing movements and forward and backward bending.
Meditation & Relaxation – Winter is a naturally introspective time, great for meditation. It will be a lovely finish to the day’s activities,
Helping to quiet the mind and draw our energy inwards, storing our vital essence to keep us going through the winter.
Seasonal Yoga uses a different emphasis on the Yoga postures as the year passes, tuning you in to each Season, to give you the best possible energy for that time of year.
Yoga postures are used to activate the same meridians (energy lines in the body) as used in Tai Chi, Acupunture and other practices based on Traditional Chinese Medicine.
It is a holistic system that can be applied to many different aspects of life, on and off the mat.
If none of the above makes sense, it is still an enjoyable Hatha Yoga practice which will energise, strengthen, balance and relax you!
All levels welcome.
Contact me – Anna Daintrey- email:  – tel: 07866446284

Saturday 14th February

12pm – 4pm

The Inter- Relation Between Mind & Body with Sarah Wankum 

Learn how to connect your mind and body in order to increase performance and well- being. Cost £25
More and more studies are being conducted about and prove the interrelationship between mind and body. Studies have scientifically proven the link between the physical practice of yoga and positive mental health and performance. In this workshop we will explore exactly this link with an integral approach, engaging both in physical as well as mental practice. We will combine the practice of asanas (yoga postures) with meditation and tools from psychological coaching.
The aim of this workshop is to engage in self- study and learn to activate self- trust. Whenever we face a challenging task we often engage in self- defeating thoughts, such as ‘I will never be able to do this’, ‘I am not good enough.’ It is upon us to overcome these thoughts and turn them into motivating self- promoting thoughts, which lift us up and in turn increase our well- being and performance in different life areas, such as work, family, or sports.
Sarah works as a yoga instructor, psychological coach, and nutritional counselor in Tel Aviv with a BA and Msc in psychology.
Since has always been fascinated by the influence the mind has on our body and the other way around. This fascination has led her to where she is today: being the founder, yoga instructor, psychological coach and nutritional counselor of flux. Flux is a integral center in Tel Aviv, which acknowledges the connection between physical and psychological state of being, as well as the connection between our different life areas.
To find out more about Sarah and her approach check out the ‘about the staff’ section on flux’s website:
+972 (0) 54 673 64 70