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Student Reviews

STUDENT REVIEWS  – What our Students think

chin mudra

1-2-1 Yoga Therapy – Daily by Appointment

“I met Anthea when my old yoga teacher went overseas and its been the best decision to stay with her.I have a chronic illness(with dietary needs).Most of the time i’m well but when i’m ill,i need to take it easy and slow down yoga for a wee while.All of this Anthea understands.She takes the time to listen to me and seems to know what my body needs in my yoga practice.I always feel alive and open after each 1-2-1 and this feeling carries on when i do my own practice at home.My core is getting stronger and my condfindence in my practice is getting stronger also.If i have any problems i just phone Anthea for advice and help.She’s a excellent teacher.” (Dawn)

“I was advised to experiment with yoga after a niggling leg injury, which seemed to originate in the sciatic area of my backside, started to hinder my fitness regime. I had been through the physiotherapy and acupuncture ‘hoops’, with only limited success. After a small amount of research into yoga classes in the Glasgow area, I called Anthea and asked her and her dynamic yoga to help me with the problem.  The therapy started on a one to one basis and within three sessions I was delighted to find that with the help of yoga I was able to manage my pain to the point where I was able to run virtually pain free again. Unfortunately work has meant that I am no longer able to take part in Anthea’s yoga practice and I have to confess, I am yet to find a suitable substitute…” (Matt)

“I have been having 1-2-1 Yoga Sessions with Anthea Simpson for almost a year. She is a superb teacher who takes the time to fully explain each pose and how it helps the body.  I would recommend her to anyone!”

I have found her to be extremely intuitive, compassionate and empathetic. She certainly does produce “yoga healing” in her sessions. For example, I couldn’t sit cross-legged or kneel a year ago and now I can – thanks to the tremendous knowledge Anthea has of human anatomy and physiology. I have found Anthea’s “yoga healing” has brought me peace of mind and friends have remarked that I have an “inner calm” and “better posture”. I am thrilled!” (Pam)

beginners class

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s General Yoga Class for All Levels 1230pm

“Not done yoga before – and sadly a long way away from first flush of youth – so I thought of yoga to help improve my flexibility and overall fitness. Thankfully, it is working – and my real good fortune was in finding Anthea, who knows her profession well and is able to transfer her undoubted skills in part to the likes of me. She is an excellent teacher with great people skills.” (David)

Thai Massage with Chantal Piret – Saturdays at Yoga Healing Glasgow

“Chantal helped me to walk properly again after a sports injury impaired my movements. Professional in every way and charming throughout discussion regarding symptoms. Massage extremely thorough and “spot on” and I was free of pain after 2 / 3 sessions. I was delighted and very pleased and would highly recommend Chantal to all who require massage in a very relaxed and comfortable environment.” Gilly – Paisley

“I have experienced massages all over the world and would say Chantal’s Yoga Massage is easily up there with the best I’ve had. A very professional and competent massage – Chantal is a skilled masseuse. I would certainly recommend people treat themselves or a friend/loved one to this wonderfully relaxing massage.” Steve – Glasgow

“Thank you so much for helping me with my back. Without your treatment I would never have been able to get on the plane to go on Holiday. When I first came to you 5 days before I went away I could hardly walk through your front door, I was in agony. You saw me three times before I went away, once at 7.30 in the morning on the day I was leaving and with you gently massaging my back I could drive to Manchester and sit on a plane for 4 1/2 hours. You suspected I had a small fracture and you were spot on. That’s exactly what I had. I would recommend anyone to go and see her. A lovely girl that knows what she is doing.” Heather – Renfrew

‘The best Thai massage I have ever experienced ! I can’t praise Chantal highly enough.” Gordon – Glasgow

“I have been using Chantal as my therapist for a number of years now. She is first class, friendly and very knowledgeable in her field. It is sometimes a long gap between my appointments but Chantal quickly refers to my previous history and she can tell me what weight I was 6 months prior and what my diet was etc.
I would highly recommend :)” Andy – Kilmacolm

“Wonderful relaxing and invigorating experience, Chantal provides a highly professional and person centered experience. I would highly recommend the service she offers.” Carol – Kilbarchan

“My first experience was amazing. After an hour+ I left the Yoga Healing Centre as if I were walking on air. Felt totally rejuvenated and recommended Chantal’s treatment to many.” Alison – Helensburgh

“The Thai yoga massage left me feeling great, so relaxed and really felt like I had exercised muscles that hadn’t been used in a while. Chantal is so professional and thorough I would recommend her to my friends.” Joanne – Houston


Wednesday’s Tibetan Heart Yoga 6.30am

“A couple of years back I went in search of a yoga teacher for my then 13 year old daughter. She was a competitive swimmer and along with many of her team mates she was training hard for 8 sessions a week. She was suffering shoulder and back problems and I was taking her along to an osteopath in Glasgow. He put us in touch with Alan who began to introduce a giggly group of teenagers to ashtanga vinyasa yoga. They were all extremely strong and fit but lacked flexibility and awareness. Many of them were carrying recurrent injuries. Alan developed an approach which catered to them as individuals, identifying each of their strengths and also areas they needed to focus. It was a very functional approach and my daughter and her friends greatly benefited. As the kids were under 16 I used to stay in the class and watch. I was very overweight due to a very inactive lifestyle where I spent my time at work mostly in meetings or in the car, and outwith work ferrying my daughter to and from swimming and spectating whilst I was there; cramming in a little more work on my computer.

When I commented  that when I lost a bit of weight I’d like to try some yoga, Alan encouraged me straight away to join the kids. I had never been flexible and i thought my weight would be a real obstacle but I soon realised yoga was really nothing to do with flexibility or size. Mostly Alan encouraged me and the kids to be kind to ourselves, use breath and focus and over time, with minimal effort, flexibility would naturally follow. Mostly, we were encouraged to smile to ourselves and if we couldn’t manage that then we were trying too hard. I always smile as I think of these classes. Each week the kids couldn’t help but giggle when it came to closing with the traditional 3 om’s.  Alan’s individual and sports specific approach paid off for the kids and me. Two years on and my daughter has a more balanced approach to training and life in general; less intense and she carries no injuries. I am a more focused, joyful individual who is more confident, less fearful, and who has got to know and like my ‘self’ and who embraces positively  all that life throws my way. These weren’t the outcomes I expected from Yoga! ……. and just as Alan said, with commitment and practice, but less effort I have been also benefited from becoming a more flexible, leaner, stronger me with a far improved posture. A new woman so to speak. Thanks to Alans encouragement and his inspiration, Yoga to me is now is simply a happy part of daily life. And a constant source of new adventure.”(Janice Preston)


Wednesday’s Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 7.30pm

“I started going to Alanna’s Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Class a year ago when I was training for a half marathon with the idea to compliment my long runs with a weekly stretch out.  I was reluctant to begin at first as I wasnt sure if yoga was for me but I found the class very welcoming and not all intimidating.  Alanna is a great instructor who put me at ease and continues to help me push myself to my own personal limits without making me uncomfortable.  I am no longer doing running training but I have kept going to Alanna’s class!”  (JH)

“I have been attending Alanna’s Yoga class for over a year now & very much enjoy it. I was recommended to try yoga by my Chiropractor as I had been suffering back pain at the time. I now very rarely suffer from back problems & am far more flexible. Yoga provides me with a kind of escape from a highly pressured job & I am far more relaxed after a session. Alanna is an excellent & very patient teacher but at the same time is keen to push her students to achieve their potential. I can thoroughly recommend the class.” (DG)

pregnancy class

Wednesday’s Pregnancy Yoga Class 6pm

“Alanna’s pregnancy yoga classes are an oasis of calm during a busy working week. They allowed me time to focus on my unborn baby and connect with him, whilst also giving me space to just ‘be’. Alanna creates a nurturing environment which calms the mind, and encourages the body to become strong and supple, whilst growing ever bigger. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology ensures safe practise, and she has many hints to minimise the aches and pains of pregnancy. The breathing techniques used are helpful throughout pregnancy and I used them when giving birth to my son. Relaxation sessions at the end of the class as so beneficial and restorative, I always left with a felling of rejuvenation and calm. I remember my pregnancy yoga classes with gratitude as they enriched my experience of pregnancy and of giving birth. Alanna teaches with kindness and empathy, and her enthusiasm for yoga is inspiring.” (Liz)

group chin mudra

Tuesday’s & Thursday’s General Yoga Class for All Levels 12.30pm

“I’ve been practising yoga for a long time but still feel need to improve my posture. I think Anthea is doing a great job with me, helping me understand and ‘feel’ my body while doing every asana. She loves yoga and is very good at transmitting her passion to the class.” (Paola)

group feet crediit download

Previous Classes & Workshops with Anthea

“I have only been attending Anthea’s Dynamic Hatha Yoga for about 3 months and the difference I feel is amazing. I am much more aware of my body, where is blocked and stiff, where I hold tension, my strengths and weaknesses and my posture esp. sitting. My diet has improved, my weight has dropped and I am much more flexible. It also feels great to stretch and release my muscles. I have also released old emotions and patterning and feel more positive and upbeat. The class is well taught and very supportive and I highly recommend anyone to come along and experience it for themselves.”(Fiona)

Anthea is truly a fantastic teacher. She is patient, attentive, knowledgeable about yoga and anatomy and always has time for students at the end of the class. I always feel fantastic after her class. My practice has come on so far and I am hugely thankful to Anthea for helping me progress. Her clear verbal adjustments have helped me to tune in to my own body and her hands on adjustments have helped me to understand how an asana should feel. You can tell that she has a passion for yoga and for helping people” (Rhona)

“I have practiced yoga at Anthea’s classes on and off over the past 18 months. I really enjoy her classes, think she explains the postures and breathing really well. I always leave class feeling clear headed and fully stretched, and find her a very encouraging teacher.” (Lorraine)


Sunday’s Transformational Breath Group

“At the end of the breath session, I feel cleansed and nourished , at peace with myself and the world around me. Emotional burdens have been lifted and I am no longer dragging them around like a boulder tied to my ankle. Transformational Breath helps me cope with the emotional pressures of life, allows me to let go of the past and respond to the present in a more balanced, creative way. It helps me to feel more in charge of my life rather than being buffeted about on life’s waves.” (NM)