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Our Teachers

22 Mansfield Street – Studio 7 – G11 5QP


Our teachers at Yoga Healing Glasgow have come together through their own personal yoga journeys. This has forged a strong foundation in our approach which can be felt in the continuity of our teaching.

Our students can easily move between our classes and teachers or they can stick to one teacher. There really isn’t any hard rules, only personal preference. Below you can read more about our teachers and how we can support you on your yoga journey.


Founder of  Yoga Healing Glasgow

Anthea Simpson      


Anthea’s first experience of yoga was one of mystery and intrigue. Throughout her childhood her mum had an on/off yoga practice, and it was from watching the differences in her own mum’s well-being when she was doing yoga and not doing yoga, that Anthea’s intrigue in yoga grew. Anthea and her sister would devise their own yoga classes and they enjoyed what felt to them as a very different world from their own. On leaving home Anthea continued to enjoy this feeling and toe-dipped around different classes, but it wasn’t until her own personal pain of bereavement in 2000 when her dad died, that she connected to yoga on a deeper, personal level.

Anthea considers 2000 the year she found yoga, and holds June Mitchell and Gerry Keilty very dear for mentoring her to this place. After a matter of weeks with June and Gerry Anthea began her daily yoga practice, and it wasn’t long until she began her Yoga Teacher Training with June Mitchell and Julie Hanson (CYS Scotland) and qualified in 2004. Over these formative years Anthea spent 15 years in the Well Being industry, working with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, before developing Spas around the UK and training therapists in Massage and Spa Therapy. She went to every workshop going and also studied Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Natural Nutrition, Ayurvedic Therapies, Reiki and The Metamorphic Technique.

Between 2004-2005 Anthea continued her training in India and Thailand, which included deepening her own personal yoga practice with Pattabhi Jois, Rolf & Marcy Naujokat and going to Prana Nature Cure Yoga Hospital in Tamil Nadu where she learned about the administration of yoga therapies, kriyas (cleansing techniques) meditation and pranayama (breath-work) techniques for therapeutic benefits.  

On her return to the UK Anthea hand-picked the space of Yoga Healing Glasgow to teach from, which was previously known as Bodysense. When Bodysense closed in 2009 Anthea took over the space with the support of Regeneration Glasgow and in January 2010 Yoga Healing Glasgow was born.

If you would like to chat with Anthea, please find her details below:

phone 07809 699568



Daily @ Yoga Healing Glasgow

Claire Rodgers

claire rodgers

Claire began attending Hatha yoga classes whilst studying and working in mental health and Clinical Psychology, London, over twenty years ago. She was amazed at the benefits yoga brought to both physical well-being and peace of mind, and was lucky to begin attending workshops and retreats with her teacher’s teacher Swami Dharmananda Saraswati, early in her yoga journey.

On returning to Scotland, she continued her career in mental health, designing and facilitating a range of courses and classes to manage stress and improve emotional and physical well-being. She also continued to attend yoga, studying with Fiona Morton, before training with Yoga Scotland, completing the foundation course and two year teacher training in 2005. Since then she has continued to teach, study and practise, studying restorative yoga with Judith Lasater, training to teach meditation with Swami Saradananda, and to teach Pranayama with Philip Xerri. She has also deepened her understanding of working with the energy or subtle body, training in Reiki, and co-authoring her first book Awakening the Chakras through Yoga.

She is currently training in Yoga Therapy, with Sue McLennan and the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy, deepening her experience and knowledge of using yoga techniques and practises to work on a 1-2-1 basis, and combining this training with her mental health, Psychology and Reiki background, to provide tailored and holistic 1-2-1 therapy, delighted to be part of Yoga Healing Glasgow.

If you would like to chat with Claire, please find her details below:

phone 07811 353240



Mondays @ Yoga Healing Glasgow

Ros Jamieson

Ros Jamieson qualified as a medical doctor from Glasgow University in 1991 and currently works as a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist in Glasgow Royal Infirmary. She has been teaching anatomy and physiology on the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training Course with Marit in Glasgow since January 2012. Ros qualified as a Yoga teacher herself from this course the year before, and since has been teaching the Monday Yoga and Meditation classes at Yoga Healing Glasgow. Ros has been practicing yoga for over 10 years and has a particular interest in energy flow and meditation. She has spent time studying and practicing meditation at Agama Yoga School in Thailand with guru Sahajananda. She has studied many texts on yoga philosophy and is continually improving her knowledge.

Ros has enjoyed bringing together her medical and yoga knowledge and has an appreciation of how they complement each other. In her teaching she aims to create a platform of medical knowledge so that the students can understand how yoga poses, pranayama and meditation work on a physical level. Ros’ teaching aims to be stimulating and interactive and relevant to all students irrespective of their background.

If you would like to chat with Ros, please find her details below:

phone 07878 771185



Monday @ Yoga Healing Glasgow

Kerry Stewart


Kerry is currently on maternity leave and her classes are being taught by Pam.

Kerry started Pilates whilst working in an office and was suffering from common lower back pain associated with long hours spent at a desk. Having found that Pilates relieved her back pain and increased her overall feeling of well being, she decided to train as a Pilates teacher and to learn why and how the method worked so well. Once Kerry completed the course she couldn’t wait to share the exercises with others and still enjoys teaching as much as when she started! Kerry has a Mat Pilates (Level 3) CYQ Central YMCA qualification and continues her development through various Hanson Pilates workshops (Ante and Post Natal Pilates and Modifying Original Moves) and the APPI’s (The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute) Small Equipment and Shoulder Rehabilitation training courses

If you would like to chat with Kerry please find her details below:


phone 07876 473381


Tuesdays @ Yoga Healing Glasgow

Marit Griffith                                      


Marit is currently on Maternity Leave and her classes are being taught by Anthea Simpson.

Marit first practiced Yoga in 2000 with a comprehensive one month Yoga course in Rishikesh under Swami Vivekananda Saraswati at the Agama Yoga School. Since 2000 she has practiced several different styles of Yoga, predominantly Iyengar, Hatha, traditional Kundalini Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, and traveled to different parts of Asia and Europe on retreats increasing her understanding of the whole Yoga system. Since her introduction to this amazing system she has consistently studied and practiced Yoga leading her to where she is today.

Marit considers Swami Vivekananda Saraswati to be her foremost Kundalini and Hatha Yoga teacher with whom she has studied in Thailand for about 20 months of intensive study over the years. In addition she studies with Sahajananda, the teacher she considers to be her guru, an Advaita Vedantic teacher, meditation of the Ramana Maharishi lineage. Marit has spent many retreats from a few days up to months at a time in solitude or in a group, in silence, practicing and studying this meditation technique.

Marit qualified as a Yoga teacher in the UK with CYS (Chi Yoga School) Scotland, completing a year long training and qualifying in the summer of 2005 with June Mitchell & Julie Hanson.  She is also a qualified teacher under the Agama Yoga school. 

Marit  now teaches on Tuesday evenings; beginners to advanced classes in general Hatha Yoga. Marit also gives lectures, workshops, seminars, private classes, etc. as well as runs Yoga Teacher Training in Glasgow, London, Preston, and Finland as a director and founder of Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training.

Marit loves Yoga, for what it continues to bring into her life, and loves the fact that she is lucky enough to help bring these amazing tools into other peoples lives. 

If you would like to chat with Marit, please find her details below:

phone07763 407631



Wednesdays @ Yoga Healing Glasgow

Sarah Potter

sarah potter

As a dancer, Sarah learned the profound therapeutic benefits of yoga from a young age. With an injury, she sought out yoga for rehabilitation and from practising yoga she was able to heal and continue training in the performing arts. As a teenager she loved the dynamic form of Ashtanga Yoga, and practiced in her home town at Exeter Yoga Centre. Yoga did not only help to rehabilitate Sarah but brought her stability at times of change, which deepened her interest and respect for yoga, 

Sarah moved to Glasgow in 2003 where she has been principally taught by Gerry Kielty and has expanded her knowledge through other workshops with teachers such as Allison Dearling and David Swenson. She has travelled extensively and has been particularly inspired by the culture and traditions of India and South East Asia, and her experiences have motivated her to bring different aspects of yoga to her students and her own practice. 

Sarah has been teaching and practising the slow paced Yin Yoga since 2012 and finds the style to compliment her new role as a working mum. Her yin yoga style is influenced by teachers such as Sarah Powers and her own exploration of Chinese philosophy.  

Since graduating from the Balance Yoga Teaching course in 2010, Sarah has been teaching a range of yoga classes and one to one tuition. 

If you would like to chat with Sarah, please find her details below:

phone07917 415272



Fridays @ Yoga Healing Glasgow

Michelle Lang


Michelle started to practice Traditional Hatha yoga twelve years ago for relaxation and stress management. During this time, she also became interested in meditation, really enjoying the benefits this brings to calming the mind. With a keen interest in holistic therapies, Michelle trained in auricular acupuncture. Michelle has worked in the addiction field for eight years and has been able able to use this therapy to help people with substance misuse issues to manage cravings and bring an overall sense of peace and well being. Michelle has also completed Reiki Level 1, which she enjoys using for her own personal healing.

In 2007, Michelle started to practice seasonal vinyasa flow, attending regular classes for six years. She has enjoyed evolving her practice through experimenting with different styles, including Iyengar, Yin and Ashtanga. More recently, Michelle’s personal practice has returned to her grass roots of Hatha and Vinyasa styles.
In 2013, Michelle decided she wanted to deepen her knowledge and practice of Yoga and completed her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Brenda Louw of Chillout Yoga in Scotland. This has helped Michelle to confidently and safely develop her style as an instructor. A focus is placed on alignment, breath awareness and mindful movement. During 2014, Michelle worked in conjunction with BBC Sports “Get Inspired” initiative, Commonwealth Games and Sports Personality of the Year. This involved introducing children and young people to Yoga. Michelle currently teaches a range of classes and workshops across Glasgow for all levels and abilities.
If you would like to chat with Michelle, please find her details below:

phone07581 464971


Cover & Seasonally @ Yoga Healing Glasgow            

Anna Daintrey

anna 213

Anna has been practising yoga since 2005, coming from a dance background. She completed the Seasonal Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2011 and is keen to share the wonderful things she has learnt. Anna is interested in using yoga to help live in tune with nature, combat stress and unite the mind, body and spirit. Yoga has transformed her life and it can transform yours!

If you would like to chat with Anna, please find her details below:

phone07866 446284