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1-2-1 Yoga

22 Mansfield Street – Studio 7 – Partick – G11 5QP

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Daily 1-2-1 Yoga Tuition & 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy 

with Clare Rodgers

claire rodgers

Holistic Therapy, tailored for each individual, working on an emotional, psychological,  energetic and physical level for improved health and well-being

Assessment and Individual Therapeutic Practises

1 hour 25 minutes


Follow up therapy sessions

1 hour 10 minutes


Yoga Practise or Reiki and Relaxation



8 Week Specialised Courses

(1 hour 15 minutes each session)

ENERGY BALANCING – an eight week course (based on Claire’s book ‘Awakening the Chakras Through Yoga’) aimed at re-balancing the whole system, physically, emotionally and energetically. Focusing on the energy centres or chakras and using a range of practices including asana, pranayama, mudra, mantra, bandha, meditation, Reiki healing, positive visualisation and affirmation.

CLEANSE AND DE-TOX – an eight week course focusing on the cleansing and purifying aspects of yoga, using asana, pranayama, kriyas and bandhas, as well as aspects of nutrition and positive thinking and motivation to balance and cleanse the body, boosting energy and positivity.


(concessionary rates available)  

I combine my many years of experience in mental health, with my training as a yoga teacher, current training in yoga therapy, training in breathwork, meditation, restorative yoga, relaxation and Reiki, to provide individual therapy for a range of physical and emotional issues. I studied psychology as my first degree and worked for the mental health charity MIND for several years before going on to train as a Clinical Psychologist. I then worked in the NHS in London for over five years, as a Clinical Psychologist, and it was during this time, I began to attend Hatha yoga classes, amazed at the difference it made to my physical well-being and peace of mind, whist coping with a demanding job. Returning to Scotland, I continued to attend weekly classes and workshops and began to practise yoga at home. I became a mother and began a new job as Group-work Co-ordinator in a Stress Centre, developing a range of courses and workshops on all aspects of stress- management and  well-being. During this time I began to train as a yoga teacher, completing the foundation course and two year teacher training with Yoga Scotland between 2002 and 2005. Since then, I have continued to teach, study and practise, deepening my knowledge and experience and developing on my own personal journey with yoga. I studied the chakra system, co-authoring the book, Awakening the Chakras through Yoga, and have since taught workshops on the Chakras and on the cleansing practises of hatha yoga. I am delighted to be based at Yoga Healing Glasgow, providing a totally holistic and individually tailored therapeutic service, to improve health, well-being and happiness.

Please get in touch to find out more or to arrange your session.

phone 07811 353240


More about Claire

Claire began attending Hatha yoga classes whilst studying and working in mental health and Clinical Psychology, London, over twenty years ago. She was amazed at the benefits yoga brought to both physical well-being and peace of mind, and was lucky to begin attending workshops and retreats with her teacher’s teacher Swami Dharmananda Saraswati, early in her yoga journey. On returning to Scotland, she continued her career in mental health, designing and facilitating a range of courses and classes to manage stress and improve emotional and physical well-being. She also continued to attend yoga, studying with Fiona Morton, before training with Yoga Scotland, completing the foundation course and two year teacher training in 2005. Since then she has continued to teach, study and practise, studying restorative yoga with Judith Lasater, training to teach meditation with Swami Saradananda, and to teach Pranayama with Philip Xerri. She has also deepened her understanding of working with the energy or subtle body, training in Reiki, and co-authoring her first book Awakening the Chakras through Yoga. She is currently training in Yoga Therapy, with Sue McLennan and the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy, deepening her experience and knowledge of using yoga techniques and practises to work on a one to one basis, and combining this training with her mental health, Psychology and Reiki background, to provide tailored and holistic one to one therapy, delighted to be part of Yoga Healing Glasgow.