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1-2-1 Yoga



One-to-One Yoga Therapy  

with Anthea Simpson 

tibet meditation

Anthea has worked with clients on a 1-2-1 basis for 25 years, helping with:

Aches & Pains




Unhealthy Lifestyle

Digestive Disorders

Poor Body Image

Weight Issues

Drug Dependency

Chronic Pain

Fertility Issues



Pay As You Go 

1 hour 25 minutes


1 hour 10 minutes





6 Week Courses  

6 weekly 1 hour 10 minute sessions


PINPOINT YOUR NEEDS – working on your individual needs through the therapeutic application of Classical Hatha Yoga. Pulling on all realms of Hatha Yoga, to cultivate individual sessions for you – be it about stress relief, weight loss or any other life challenge. Week upon week, you will work through your individual program, and how you can start to incorporate these practices at home.

1st session 1 hour 25 minutes

5 sessions 1 hour 10 minutes


BUILDING YOUR OWN HOME PRACTICE – are you looking to cultivate a home practice? Something to build into your day-to-day life, to increase your energy levels, fitness and well-being? Anthea looks at your whole life as it is right now, and week upon week works on your individual needs, creating a safe personal home practice just for you.

1st session 1 hour 25 minutes

5 sessions 1 hour 10 minutes


EMPOWERING YOUR LIFE THROUGH YOGA – What limitations you are experiencing right now? Anthea will guide you through a personalised yoga practice that will connect you to your current life struggles. Week upon week, you will start to see how the obstacles and struggles you have on the yoga mat reflect the obstacles and struggles you have in your life, and how through a yoga practice you can transcend these remedies into your daily life. 

1st session 1 hour 25 minutes

5 sessions 1 hour 10 minutes



 About Anthea

Anthea saw very young that yoga can be part of your everyday life. Her mum started yoga when she was pregnant with Anthea and through Anthea’s formative years she began to see through others what benefits yoga can bring. In the early 90’s Anthea started going to different yoga, dance and movement classes, but it wasn’t until 2000 when Anthea’s father died that she personally experienced the profound support yoga can bring.

Anthea considers 2000 the year she found yoga, and holds June Mitchell and Gerry Keilty very dear to her heart for mentoring her to this place. After a matter of weeks with June and Gerry Anthea began her daily yoga practice, and it wasn’t long until she began her Yoga Teacher Training with June Mitchell and Julie Hanson (CYS Scotland) and qualified in 2004. Over these years Anthea continued to work within the Well Being Industry and with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, before opening and developing Spas around the UK and training therapists in Massage and Spa Therapy. She also studied on a regular basis with John Scott and Paul Dallaghan, and continued her other therapy studies in, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Natural Nutrition, Ayurveda, Reiki and The Metamorphic Technique.

Post-graduation, Anthea studied full time in India and Thailand from 2004-2005, with Pattabhi Jois, Rolf & Marcy Naujokat and Prana Nature Cure Yoga Hospital learning the administration of yoga therapies, kriyas (cleansing techniques) massage, meditation and pranayama (breath-work) techniques for therapeutic benefits.

On her return to the UK Anthea hand-picked the space of Yoga Healing Glasgow to teach from, which was previously known as Bodysense. When Bodysense closed in 2009 Anthea took over the space with the support of Regeneration Glasgow and in January 2010 Yoga Healing Glasgow at her first 1-2-1 yoga session and yoga class.

Previous Clients

chin mudra

I have found Anthea to be extremely intuitive, compassionate and empathetic. She certainly does produce “yoga healing” in her sessions. For example, I couldn’t sit cross-legged or kneel a year ago and now I can – thanks to the tremendous knowledge Anthea has of human anatomy and physiology. I have found Anthea’s “yoga healing” has brought me peace of mind and friends have remarked that I have an “inner calm” and “better posture”. I am thrilled!” (Pam)

“I met Anthea when my old yoga teacher went overseas and it has been the best decision to stay with her. I have a chronic illness (with dietary needs). Anthea takes the time to listen to me and seems to know what my body needs in my yoga practice. I always feel alive and open after each 1-2-1 and this feeling carries on when I do my own practice at home. My core is getting stronger and my condfidence in my practice is getting stronger also. If I have any problems I just phone Anthea for advice and help. She’s a excellent teacher.” (Dawn)

“I was advised to experiment with yoga after a niggling leg injury, which seemed to originate in the sciatic area of my backside, started to hinder my fitness regime. I had been through the physiotherapy and acupuncture ‘hoops’, with only limited success. After a small amount of research into yoga classes in the Glasgow area, I called Anthea and her dynamic yoga to help me with the problem.  The therapy started on a one to one basis and within three sessions I was delighted to find that with the help of yoga I was able to manage my pain to the point where I was able to run virtually pain free again. Unfortunately work has meant that I am no longer able to take part in Anthea’s yoga practice and I have to confess, I am yet to find a suitable substitute…” (Matt)

“I have been having 1-2-1 Yoga Sessions with Anthea for almost a year. She is a superb teacher who takes the time to fully explain each pose and how it helps me.  I would recommend her to anyone!” (Graeme)

Book your session with Anthea directly:

07809 699568